College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Report

“Life after Woodbury has changed so much for me. I’m in a field I never expected to go into…[but] I’ve felt well prepared for these kinds of changes, and I know I have Woodbury to thank for a lot of that.” These words from Interdisciplinary Studies alumna Jackelyn Tejada point to the many ways an Interdisciplinary Studies major can prepare students for future endeavors. Jackelyn combined Urban Studies and Architecture in her self-designed degree.

Majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, Jackelyn says, “has given me the confidence to go into any type of work and reverse engineer a path to my success.”

Jackelyn Tejada with home-cooked meals

Shortly after graduating, Jackelyn used her experience in urban studies courses to partner with the Los Angeles Community Action Network to start her own series of monthly events giving nutritious home-cooked meals and care packages to the Skid Row community. She raised enough money to keep the events going for almost a year. Some of the ingredients she used were harvested from the garden she started as an assignment for her URBS Food and the City class! 

Being interdisciplinary-minded, however, Jackelyn also started a side business with her husband working on cars. She has returned to school to learn to be an industrial mechanic and uses her Rhino and other skills learned in architecture courses.

“I love being in this field and working with my hands. It is nothing I would have expected to be doing, but it feels great to learn something new,” she says. “It’s led me to pursue my electrical degree, which I feel prepared for since Woodbury has given me such a well-rounded education.” She cites Dr. Will McConnell for introducing her to the INDS major and Dr. Emily Bills’ Urban Studies courses for preparing her to go into any field and succeed.

“I’m so grateful to all the faculty and professors I had the pleasure of working with for always encouraging me to pursue my dreams.”

Jackelyn Tejada at the shop

Public Safety Administration students have also moved into a variety of positions. Both Aranza Villegas and Meline Safaryan are currently hard at work gaining real-life experiences and demonstrating excellent leadership skills they learned through the PSAD program. Jose Jimenez is currently a Security Guard for the Getty Villa. Karen Monge is currently in the Probation Academy and scheduled to graduate in the beginning of May. 



 Last Updated on November 17, 2023. 

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