Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter talks Fashion and Design on KCRW

KCRW recently interviewed Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, AIA, Dean of the School of Architecture through Frances Anderton’s Design and Architecture (DnA) series. DnA covers design issues with users, critics and design luminaries. Their most recent episode covered KCRW’s new building and took a look at modesty in fashion, exploring how women architects dress to express a “total design philosophy.”

DNA Episode: new building, modest fashion

The second half of the episode (starting at 12mins) states how, “clothing projects a message, and this DnA explores the semiotics of dress in the worlds of design and fashion – and how women “manage male expectations” while being fearlessly themselves.” Joan Barton of Dirty Girl Construction and Writer Naomi Fry began the interview, commenting about dressing on a building site and the kind of messages that clothing evokes.

Ingalill spoke with Frances about how women architects staked a position in the profession in equal-opportunity power suits, and now they’ve begun embracing the freedom to dress in idiosyncratic outfits that express a “total design philosophy.” She talks about architects’ love of detail, a word rooted in the French word for tailoring, and how this expresses itself in designs with unusual profiles that showcase “artistry and craft.”

Listen to the full interview to discover Ingalill’s ideas on fashion and design.

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Featured Image Courtesy: KCRW DNA
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