Alumni Spotlight: Sergio Legon-Talamoni

Congratulations to Sergio Legon-Talamoni, a proud WSOA MArch 2015 graduate, on the completion of his latest project – Raised Doughnuts & Cakes! Located in the vibrant Africatown neighborhood of Seattle at the corner of 24th & Union, this contemporary donut shop and bakery, designed by La Union Studio, beautifully integrates into its bustling surroundings.

Sergio’s innovative approach embraces the theme of ‘transparency’, fostering seamless connections between patrons and bakers, as well as with the larger community. Through a harmonious blend of geometric angles, textures, and light, Raised Doughnuts & Cakes offers a refined and balanced sensory experience for all.

Completed in May 2022, this project exemplifies Sergio’s dedication to creating spaces that not only delight but also contribute positively to their neighborhoods.

Sergio Max runs the design practice along with his wife, Sonia-Lynn Abenojar. He is the Co-Founder, Principal, and Director of Design & Culture of La Union Studio, an award-winning design studio that speaks truth to authentic narratives through the medium of architecture, interior design, and cultural placemaking. La Union Studio’s body of work and outreach focus on creating culturally immersive spaces and places that embody the heart and soul of communities, preserve cultural ecosystems, and celebrate identity.

Congratulations once again to Sergio Legon-Talamoni on this remarkable achievement!

Last Updated February 13, 2024

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