Conflicts Course Hosts Provocative Lecture Series

This last fall, Dr. Elisabeth Sandberg’s Conflicts course hosted three speakers who spoke on affordable housing, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and violence against women. The talks were open to the campus and broader public. The series started with a screening of the film Maschom (the Hebrew word for “check point”), a story of a pacifist Israeli soldier. Mima Siegel, lead actress in film, hosted a conversation with the audience about border politics and pacifism in a climate of violence. Elizabeth Savage, director of human services and rent stabilization in West Hollywood, presented a panel discussion with other members of the City called “Close to Home: Landlord-Tenant Relations.” Finally, the College was honored to host Raheel Raza, a Muslim Canadian journalist who presented excerpts from Honor Diaries: Culture Is No Excuse for Abuse, the first film to break the silence on “honor violence” against women and girls.

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