Christoph Korner Presented at Design Week Mexico 2016

Woodbury University’s Interior Architecture Chair Christoph Korner presented at “Architecture Activism” at the 2016 Design Week Mexico in Mexico City. His presentation was part of the Creativity and Change Symposium on October 7.

Christoph Korner is a founding member of GRAFT, an award winning design firm with offices in Los Angeles, Berlin, and Beijing. He is co-author of Architecture Activism, a book published by Birkhäuser De Gruyter. It documents ten projects that specifically address social problems and societal needs around the globe in which architecture is used as a means of actively fostering the development of livable places and environments. Among them is SOLARKIOSK, a self-initiated project that empowers people in off-grid communities by bringing clean energy and light into darkness.

About Design Week Mexico

Design Week Mexico® was founded in 2009 by Emilio Cabrero, Andrea Cesarman, Marco Coello and Jaime Hernández. Throughout its 8 year history, DWM has offered a programming with a wide range of proposals, exhibitions, conferences, installations and documentaries that generate a dialogue between professionals, students and general public to expand the thought that design is an integral part of life and has a significant impact on the way we relate in society.

Recap the action at the 2016 Design Week Mexico:


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