Four Woodbury Students Awarded 2019 HKS Design Fellowships

Four Woodbury architecture students have been awarded 2019 HKS LA Design Fellowships. The fellowship includes a three-day design charrette where students and professionals work together to solve a complex design challenge. The students were chosen to address issues affecting the greater Los Angeles community. At the end of day three, each team is given the opportunity to present their concepts to a panel of local community leaders from different industries.

The students from Woodbury include Josue Alvarez Perez, Stephanie Green, Christy Hernandez and Matthew Negrete. The HKS LA Design Fellowship is an open call to local college students and HKS employees to participate in the charrette at the HKS Los Angeles office. Teams made up of students and professionals are given a design challenge to solve in three days with practical design solutions and strategies. This year, the challenge involves the 2028 Summer Olympics. The LA Olympics committee is dedicated to making the 2028 Olympic Games “the most sustainable in decades” that will continue to give back to the city and its communities beyond the Games.

The 2019 HKS LA Design Fellowship presents the challenge to identify and propose sustainable opportunities for impactful, practical, and lasting environmental solutions that benefit the LA community before, during and after the Olympics.

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