WSoA students receive honorable mention in 2021 ACSA Steel Competition


Woodbury School of Architecture (WSoA) students Josue Alvarez Perez & Jose Montano with the guidance of Professor Gerard Smulevich, have received an honorable mention in the 2021 Steel Design Competition organized by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA).

The WSoA team competed in the “Workplace Wellness” category with their project Re(IN)Vent, which investigated innovative methods in ventilation and space separation to mitigate the risks of spreading airborne pathogens.



About the project, the team said in a statement: “Re(IN)Vent was designed to promote social distancing all while providing visual connections thus keeping a sense of unity in the work environment. The high ceiling and open wind corridors ensure the proper amount of passive airflow throughout the building to disburse any air particles. These architectural moves are key in our ability to rehabilitate the high rise safely.”

Check out the full project description here.

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