Woodbury Partners with Archway Theater Company

The Archway Theater Company (ATC) seems to be Woodbury’s theater company in residence.

Moving on from its longtime venue on Burbank Avenue, ATC has turned an important page.

“We have always been proud of our commitment to producing what we have consistently called theatre ‘outside the black box,’” said Steven Sabel, Archway Producing Artistic Director. “Now, we are going to live up to that mission in a far greater way. I am pleased to announce our partnership with Woodbury University, which will be the new home of many of our season productions.”

“Working in conjunction with the Woodbury University Library, ATC will present our productions in a variety of locations on the Woodbury campus,” he said. “From a quaint outdoor courtyard, to the library’s main hall, to the Alumni Quad on the campus, our productions will become site-specific, using our surroundings and settings to inspire our works, and immerse our audiences into the worlds we create upon the stage.” It is, Sabel said, part of the company’s mission to be “ever-growing, ever-evolving and ever-inventive in the pursuit of our craft.”

“Woodbury’s partnership with ATC is a testament to the strength of the university’s ties to the community and to Burbank’s cultural richness,” said Nedra Peterson, University Librarian. “ATC productions are consistent award winners, including a NoHo Fringe Festival Award for the 2016 production of ‘Ghost Sonata,’ two more NoHo Fringe Awards for the production of ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ two Valley Theatre Awards, and 13 nominations in the Broadway World Los Angeles Region Awards for the 2017 season – among them multiple nominations for excellence in acting, two nominations for directing, one for costume design, and two for best play of the year.”

Just in time for Halloween, Archway is currently staging “The Trial of Lizzie Borden” through Nov. 3, bringing the mayhem of the crime and the resulting courtroom drama to the university library.

On tap for 2019:

  • “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” presented in the Enkeboll Courtyard at Woodbury, Jan. 19 – Feb. 3
  • “FAUSTUS,” presented at the Woodbury Library, June 29 – July 14
  • “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” presented in an outdoor park, and then in the Alumni Quad at Woodbury, Sept. 9 – Sept. 18
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