Wendy K. Bendoni presents at the Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger

Wendy BendoniWendy K. Bendoni, Chair of the Marketing and Fashion Marketing programs in the School of Business, presented at the Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger (JIMH), an annual event that focuses on marketing in the luxury watch industry, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Professor Bendoni’s work was recognized by the council and has been selected twice for publication in the JIMH journal. The JIMH conference focuses closely on the watch industry and raising awareness of new technology. Each year they pay tribute to the luxury watch industry and enable academics and industry business leaders to connect; culture, communication, user, ambassadors, experience, after-sales service, design and more. This year, Professor Bendoni and her research partner, world-renown industry expert, Ariel Adam from aBlogtowatch, shared their report, “The aspiration drive and purchasing behavior of the modern luxury watch consumers.”

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