Wendy Bendoni Discusses 2018 Trends at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Marketing and Fashion Marketing Chair Wendy Bendoni shared her insights about 2018 fashion trends at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College in downtown Los Angeles on November 13 at an event hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of Fashion Group International.

The Spring/Summer 2018 preview consisted of a comprehensive look at the trends based on runways in New York, Paris, London and Milan. Wendy has built expertise in the trend-forecasting business through numerous overseas trips to international fashion capitals, cultivating broad and increasingly accelerating expertise in the job. The art was to always remain a step ahead, and focus on next season movements while prior ones were still making their way into the mass market. Wendy is well aware that the exhilarating pace of the fashion industry today has maneuvered both retailers and designers in a position where they have to react in real time. Her analysis of the fashion industry and its consumers is sharp, contemporary, yet also future oriented. Wendy is aware of the attractions that entice today’s consumers, from consuming to share, and seeking fashion on demand to influences from what other shoppers are viewing and buying online. Driven by data, which she sees as the critical guide toward future trends, Wendy remains a successful and highly admired trend forecaster in and outside the US.

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