Welcoming Dr. Eric Carbonnier as Associate Professor and Chair of Sustainable Practices Program

Dr. Eric Carbonnier will take on the role of Associate Professor and Chair of Sustainable Practices in the Woodbury School of Architecture effective August 16, 2022.

Professor Carbonnier, nicknamed Dr. Carbon to his students, is an architect and building science researcher driven to decarbonize the built environment. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University, Master of Science in Regenerative Design from Cal Poly Pomona, and PhD from the University of Oregon. His research includes innovating passive energy solutions to support human wellness, health, and productivity. Dr. Carbon lectured at Cal Poly Pomona’s School of Architecture where he advanced evidence-based design to ever-changing environmental forces. In conjunction with his building science teaching, he was an executive sustainability leader and architect for a multi-disciplinary architecture firm cultivating ethical leadership and environmental social governance policy. His evidence-based design is published in Passive Low Energy Architecture, National Institute of Building Sciences, and Facade Tectonics. He is currently building his first evidence-based residence in Southern California.

“Dr. Carbonnier is an accomplished professional and an inspiring educator who brings a passion for environmental stewardship to all his endeavors” says Heather Flood, Interim Dean of the WSOA. “His capacity to integrate ethical concerns with technical expertise will provide a sound launchpad for the Sustainable Practices program.”

Dr. Carbon is a Board member for the Designing Futures Foundation with recent philanthropic support to Adanu, SoCal NOMA, Bright Prospect, Biomimicry Institute, Bridge to College Scholarships, La Mas, and Girls Garage.


Last Updated on August 17, 2022. 

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