Tribute to MORIA Editor-In-Chief Alyssa Pieprzyca

Alyssa Pieprzyca started her Woodbury career strong. She was the top student in her WRIT 112 class her first semester on campus, submitting a research paper on how the climate crisis contributes to the bleaching of coral reefs, which made a lasting impression on her professor, Dr. Linda Dove. But it was the other class she signed up for that same semester—her first semester of her first year on campus–that really made her stand out.

She enrolled in a 400-level course, the new course for the new literary magazine that Dr. Dove and her writing colleagues were creating at Woodbury. Alyssa became the only first-year student in a handful of mostly upper-class students who were responsible for starting MORIA. She more than held her own. She went on to work two more semesters on the magazine, rising to become its editor-in-chief. Now she is the last of the founding editors to graduate, and her contributions to the magazine have become a legacy and a gift to the university.


Last Updated on May 4, 2021. 

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