The Woodbury Experience: Q&A with MBA Graduate, Moayad Al Marrar

Moayad Al Marrar is a recent graduate of the School of Business’s MBA program, having graduated in the Fall of 2021. Prior to pursuing his MBA at Woodbury, Moayad also received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Woodbury. Moayad received the Outstanding Growth in Learning Award from the School of Business this Spring. As Moayad moves to the next chapter of his journey, he answered questions about his time as a student at Woodbury and his goals for the future.  

Moayad Al Marrar
What was your journey to Woodbury, and what made you want to be a part of the School of Business? 

 My Woodbury journey started in Fall of 2013 when I was admitted to the Psychology program. It was a couple of years later in 2015 that I ran into Dr. Dhiman, [with] whom I have since built a great friendship. During my time following graduation from the Psychology program, he encouraged me to look into pursuing further education by enrolling in the MBA program. He offered me his full support and willingness to help me whenever I was ready to apply and to answer any questions or concerns regarding the MBA program.  

To have an even better perspective on what awaited me if I were to apply, I began asking many of my friends who were current students in the School of Business about their experience and about the environment that may await me in the School of Business if I was to be accepted. I am incredibly happy to say that my friends’ positive responses about Woodbury’s School of Business were what ultimately encouraged me to enroll in the Woodbury MBA program and that is why I would like to, by participating in these questions, be part of that legacy of proud alums sharing their positive experience. These past two years, studying in the Woodbury MBA program has been the most positive experience I have had in my whole academic journey. 

What has your experience with the School of Business and your program been like? In what ways did the School of Business influence your professional goals and shape your career path/aspirations? 

My experience in the MBA program is by far the most positive and memorable experience in the full extent of my academic studies. The MBA program at Woodbury has by far one of the most diverse ranges of accomplished faculty each with a unique and culturally rich background. For someone like me, interacting with Woodbury faculty shaped my personal experience and highlighted the value of diversity in the workplace. 

Have there been any faculty members, courses, or experiences you had with the School of Business that were particularly influential to you? 

First, I would like to acknowledge three faculty members, each of whom stands out in having allowed me the opportunity to learn the most during my amazing MBA experience. They are Dr. Sheila Moore, Dr. Svetlana Holt, and, of course, Dr. Satinder Dhiman. I had a wonderful experience with these three faculty members, as I got to interact with them during and after class. They always allowed time for us to have additional conversations outside of class time and answered all my follow-up questions. For going beyond what was required, I will always be grateful to them. 

 Per your question, the two courses that influenced my thinking were 1) Emotional Intelligence which was taught by Dr. Holt, and 2) Managing Organizations Ethically taught by Dr. Satinder Dhiman. Interestingly, as for Dr. Moore’s classes, I would like to admit that one of my biggest fears before starting the MBA was the required Finance and Econ classes. However, Dr. Moore’s experience and confidence in teaching the class soothed those fears quickly. I will always remember her patience with her students and her willingness to invest the time to explain each Economic topic step by step. This teaching style made my academic life easier, and it made me really enjoy learning those subjects. I aspire to be like her when I eventually teach my own courses someday.  

What value did you get from your experience with the School of Business? 

The most important value that I have learned from being in the School of Business is to expand my horizon and always seek out diverse thoughts when discussing ethics.  

What would you tell others about the School of Business? 

I have been personally speaking to family and friends about my positive experience and telling them how amazing the experience was for me personally. The names of my instructors have been at the forefront when I share my experience with others in my circles. I will always state that I proudly graduated from the MBA program at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. I will always proudly share that respect and admiration for faculty like Dr. Dhiman, who continues to influence me after graduation. I highly recommend his book, Spirituality in the Workplace, which has served to guide me in planning my future.  

What are the goals you hope to accomplish after graduating? 

I have been eager to earn a Ph.D. for a long time. It seems ever clearer to me that now that I have earned my MBA, I am on the right track to start my Ph.D. and build on the wonderful experience I had at Woodbury.   

Do you have any advice for prospective or incoming students? 

I have three pieces of advice for incoming students. The first one is: don’t hesitate to be a part of Woodbury’s School of Business. The second piece of advice is to work hard. And the third and ultimate advice is to build a relationship with your professors and try to learn as much as you can from them while you are in the program. Don’t waste any second of this precious experience and seek to keep your relationship with them even after you graduate for future advice and mentorship. 


Last Updated on June 2, 2022. 

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