Spring 2022 Course Delivery Update | January 11, 2022

*Please check the Course Delivery page for updates, as the information here may change.

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant:

  • Woodbury University will begin the Spring semester with temporary remote instruction for the first two weeks of the semester, Monday, January 17 through Sunday, January 30.
  • Courses scheduled as in-person instruction will resume as in-person on Monday, January 31.
  • The start of the Spring term is Monday, January 17, 2022, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and is observed as a holiday, therefore:
    • Traditional term classes that meet on Monday, January 17, will be canceled in observance of the holiday.
    • Non-traditional term classes, otherwise known as intensive courses, held in the 7-week or 5-week intensive format will still meet on January 17, 2022.
    • A list of section codes reflective of intensive courses can be found by clicking here. To confirm whether you are registered in an intensive course, please reference your schedule in Self-Service (Click here). 
    • For a full copy of the Academic Calendar, please click here.

Beginning January 31:  Courses may return to their original scheduled modality**  Please check your schedule and note the section code for course modality. To better understand this, check out this short video and our Section Code Cheat Sheet. We continue to plan for the 2022 Spring Semester with the goals of providing the highest quality education, optimizing the student experience, and safety as our top priorities.

**Some classes may be taught in two modalities simultaneously (online and in-person) due to accommodations approved by the Office of Disabilities and Accessibility Services (ODAS).

Course Delivery Objectives for Burbank and San Diego Campuses:

  • Maintain all LA and SD County Health Department safety protocols for COVID-19. If the LA and SD County guidelines change, then our safety protocols will also change. Woodbury reserves the right to implement more stringent protocols than county protocols, such as requiring masks.
  • Maximize student time on campus for course delivery methods that focus on interactive seminars, studios, project-oriented experiences, laboratory experiments, and student-interaction-focused classes.
  • Utilize remote synchronous learning for course delivery methods that focus on faculty-driven lectures.

Students with documented medical needs or non-medical needs which prevent them from attending in-person classes for the fall semester will need to fill out the Spring 2022 Class Attendance Accommodation Request form.  Once this form is completed, students will need to submit the required documentation and meet with the Disabilities Coordinator to discuss their needs.


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