Woodbury School of Business Faculty Enhances Visibility in Prominent Venues

In the past months, several faculty members of Woodbury’s School of Business have reaffirmed their scholarly status through publication and acceptance of some interesting intellectual works.

A Management team, consisting of Drs. Satinder Dhiman, Svetlana Holt, Joan Marques, and Adam Wood, presented a total of five workshops and symposia at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, held in Atlanta, Georgia, this August. Drs. Tahmoures Afshar and Alexandra Saba presented academic papers at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Conference.

Wendy Bendoni (along with Fabio Duma) had a peer-reviewed paper, titled, “Digital Personas in the Luxury Market Segment: Creating a Better Luxury Experience”, accepted for publication in Association des Journées du Marketing Horloge, while Dr. Joan Marques had a peer-reviewed paper titled, “Toward Intuitive Self-Leadership: Monitoring Actions through Values and Reflection” accepted in Organization Development Journal.

Dr. Yas Nishiyama had his paper, “Saudi Arabian Fiscal Multiplier” accepted for publication in Empirical Economics Letters, and another work, titled, “Open Market Operations and Associated Movements of the Federal Funds Rate during the Week Prior to Target Changes?”, for publication in Journal of Economics and Finance. Dr. Sunny Liu, along with X. Xie, Y. Chang, Y. and D. Forgione, just published a peer-reviewed paper titled, “New clients, audit quality, and audit partner industry expertise: Evidence from Taiwan” in the International Journal of Auditing.

Dr. Angelo Camillo, along with colleagues, A. Presenza, and C. Camillo has a paper titled, “Sustainable entrepreneurship development in the accommodation sector” forthcoming in International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management in the Digital Age, and Dr. David Cho (with co-author K. Cattani) has a peer-reviewed paper titled, “The Patient Patient: The Performance of Traditional versus Open-Access Scheduling Policies” accepted for publication in Decision Sciences. Dr. Nathan Garrett is presenting a Poster project, titled, “Plotting Eye Tracking Data in Space-Time Cubes”, at the 2017 IEEE Information Visualization Conference in Phoenix AZ in October.

Several of the School’s faculty members also published single authored books, anthologies, and book chapters with prominent academic publishers such as Springer Nature, Palgrave MacMillan, Routledge (Taylor & Francis), and University Press of Colorado & Utah State University Press. Announcements of these publications to follow.

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