San Diego architecture student Kayleigh Cornejo speaks to future architects as part of city-wide cultural event

Kayleigh Cornejo giving her presentation at the Design Your Future: Careers that Change Communities discussion panel

Last weekend, as a part of the OH! San Diego city-wide event, San Diego architecture student Kayleigh Cornejo (B.Arch ‘21) spoke to a group of middle school and high school students, as part of a panel discussion, about her educational journey in architecture.

“I have been a student at two community colleges and two private universities over the past 12 years in two different cities,” Kayleigh shared with the group. “My personal academic journey has been years and years of classes and projects while working a part-time job.” After so much time of diligence and hard work, Kayleigh is on her way to graduation this year!

The panel, titled Design Your Future: Careers that Change Communities, featured a diverse group of professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction who each shared their career paths. The discussion was moderated by Eric Henson, policy advisor for City Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe.

“People always think that architecture is a ton of math, but it isn’t,” Kayleigh added to the audience. “Architecture is researching climates, communities, histories, and the people who will be using the site, and how all these can and will affect its future.” The 5th year student shared a number of her school projects and engaged in an interactive Q&A period with the other panelists.

View the full panel discussion here.

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