Reasons Police Officers Should Have College Degrees

Students interested in pursuing a career in policing should be encouraged to pursue a college degree in Public Safety based on recent research that has shown the tremendous positive impact of higher education in this field.  

One of the more obvious benefits of police officers receiving a college degree is the ability to promote faster into high levels of law enforcement. In addition, a college degree enhances the technical training skills police officers receive in police academy to prepare for the job. Research has also revealed that college-educated police officers  have enhanced disciplinary skills, such as writing, critical thinking, communication and ethical decision making skills in comparison to non-degree officers. These essential skills have shown that police officers with degrees are less likely to shoot their guns; less likely to use force; have fewer citizen complaints; and use creative thinking and problem solving skills in community policing to resolve social ills in communities.  More on this topic and the sources of research can be found in the article  5 Reasons Police Officers Should Have College Degrees published in The Conversation.

Woodbury is proud to offer a Public Safety Administration program in which our students receive an excellent interdisciplinary education that prepares and gives them an advantage as they pursuit their professional careers.


Last Updated on July 22, 2020.

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