Rear Window House Selected for Dwell on Design L.A. Home Tours

The Rear Window House, designed by faculty member Ed Ogosta, AIA, has been selected for the Dwell on Design Los Angeles Home Tours. The tour will take place on Sunday April 8th; tickets can be purchased from the Dwell on Design website.

Los Angeles Home Tours
Sunday April 8th, from 9am-4pm
Santa Monica & Venice

Located in Culver City, the project is a modern addition and complete interior renovation for an existing 1944 bungalow. The addition strengthens the connection between old and new by maintaining the 3:12 prevailing roof slope of the existing house, and by being entirely skinned in asphalt roofing shingles, which anchors the addition to the area’s vernacular materiality while projecting a uniquely contemporary identity. The project culminates in the master bedroom’s expansive rear window, formed of aluminum-clad plate steel, which cantilevers above a quietly bubbling pool of water.

The project received a Residential Architecture Citation Award from the AIA/Los Angeles in 2017.

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