Woodbury School of Architecture Invites Alumni to Submit Work for Range: Alumni Exhibition

Submission Deadline Extended to October 2, midnight

Woodbury School of Architecture invites all alumni to submit work for this juried exhibition, which will be presented at WUHO from October 20 to November 27, 2016. Objects, drawings, models, mockups, or photographs of built work are eligible, and must have been completed after the date of graduation.

Alumni may submit more than one work for consideration, but must do so under separate entry with a corresponding entry fee. For example: the submission of a chair, a drawing, and a photograph of a built project would be considered three distinct entries, each with a separate fee.

The juried selection of works for the Range: Alumni Exhibition will be made from the submission of jpeg files. We ask that you submit only one file per submission, and that the file be under 1 MB. If it is necessary to include multiple views or details of the work please format those requirements within the file itself. The jpeg file should be labeled name_location_year_degree.jpg.

Please include the following information with your jpeg submission in an email to [email protected]: name, year of graduation, degree, location (Los Angeles or San Diego), title, medium, dimensions, year, credits / team (if collaborative), location (if built).

There is a $25 entry fee. All proceeds from this event, including the fee, will go directly toward the Norman R. Millar Endowment. When submitting your project, visit the Norman R. Millar Endowment page where a $25 minimum donation will be counted as your entry fee. We encourage, and would greatly appreciate, any additional contributions that you would like to make to the endowment through this link.

All entries must be received by October 2, 2016.

Know any Woodbury School of Architecture alumni who might be interested in participating? Share this flyer with them.

For any questions, please see the FAQ section below.

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FAQs – Range: Alumni Exhibit

Q: What projects can be submitted?
A: You can submit any projects that fall under the architecture and greater design umbrella. This includes urban design proposals, built or speculative projects, team projects, work from professional offices, renderings, drawings, models as well as design objects like furniture, jewelry, and accessories for the home.

Q: Can I submit projects that were done while I was employed at a firm and that were done in collaboration with others?
A: Yes. You can submit collaborative projects. Make sure to cite the members of the team and the name of the firm. Your submission could be a built project, rendering, drawings, or models.

Q: Can I submit more than one project?
A: Yes, please do submit more than one project. Each project will need to be submitted and paid for separately. The entry fee is $25 per submission.

Q:Can WSOA faculty alumni submit work?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Can you provide information on what the Norman R. Millar Endowment is for, and who administers those funds?
A: Woodbury University established the Norman R. Millar Scholarship Endowment in April when Norman Millar, the Dean of School of Architecture, passed away. Once the endowment has been established (we’re about half way to our goal of $50,000), the annual earnings will go toward student scholarships in the School of Architecture. All proceeds from the alumni exhibition, including sponsorships, will go towards building up the Norman R. Millar Scholarship endowment. Your contributions to this endowment are fully tax-deductible.

Q: Who will be on the Jury?
A: The jury will consist of SoA faculty from architecture and interior architecture programs in LA and San Diego.

Q: I’d like to submit a board of 1 project with multiple images and wanted to see if this would count as 1 submission?
A: If your board displays several images from one single project, it counts as one submission. Please make sure to size the images included on the board in a legible format.

For any further questions, contact Heather Peterson.

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