QASTIC Lab Completes APARAT Headquarters in Tehran

Woodbury University professor Mahdi Alibakhshian and QASTIC Lab recently completed the headquarters for APARAT in Tehran.

The initial concept of APARAT Headquarters (known as the YouTube of Iran), was established by two fundamental questions. First, the design team analyzed how to re-define and create an open Space that fosters a conductive collaboration between employees within an existing building. Second, they explored creating Subspaces for independently operating offices which can take advantage of potential interactions through a series of interconnected common areas within the office environment.

The design team included Mahdi Alibakhshian, Reza Zia, Alireza Shakouri, Maryam Laleh, Amirali Alibakhshian, Connor Van Cleave, Ali Sasanian, Soroush Sasanian.

Qastic Lab is a Los Angeles-based experimental design practice which establishes its research through defining questions around fundamental aspects of the projects. As a result of these questions, architectural solutions would emerge through restless studies in material qualities and fabrication systems in defining new geometries, structures and forms.

Image credit: Deed Studio

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