Professor Paulette Singley featured in Log 50 and more reviews on "How to Read Architecture"


Professor Paulette Singley has a featured essay in Log 50 titled Dollhouses and Other Bad Objects. An excerpt from the piece reads:

Seen through the artist, Sam Durant’s model houses and the toy-like architectural models that Jennifer Bonner of MALL and Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular explore, model misbehavior describes the way in which the loophole of play-acting pulls at the loose threads of mischief that the dollhouse’s ludic chambers sanction. The emergence of the hyper-dollhouse conjures realms where melodrama, or bad acting, finds its proper equivalent in interior design as the formal generator for this architecture, where sites of micro-disobediences in furnished tableaux explore form as a supra-real provocation that upends orthodox architectural biases fraught with dormant familial narrative. Focusing on the dollhouse as a philosophical toy – its excessive details, unfettered ornamental adherences, province of the “petite feminine,” and domestic saturation – describe it as a model site for exploring miniature architecture on a stage where behavioral rehearsals and reversals are child’s play.

Additionally, in a collegial exchange, artist Polly Gould reviewed Paulette’s book, How To Read Architectureand Paulette reviewed Gould’s book Antarctica, Art, and ArchiveCheck out the exchange here.

And don’t forget to check out Paulette’s Archinect Sessions Podcast episode where she discusses her book with Archinect’s founder and director, Paul Petrunia.

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