Professional Writing Major Casey Driver: All-Around Standout Student

Casey Driver

Casey Driver graduates this spring as not only a standout Professional Writing major but also a dedicated classmate and College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) colleague. Casey showed his enthusiasm right from the start. In WRIT 112, a class of mostly first-year students, Casey distinguished himself as someone with an unflagging curiosity, always asking insightful questions and engaging his classmates in discussion. He was a respected team member of the MORIA editorial staff last fall, whose opinions during submission reviews were sought after by the other editors. When he switched majors from Game Design to Writing, it was with the self-awareness that he loved the storytelling elements of gaming and wanted to develop a career focused on creating those narratives.

Apart from a purely academic focus, Casey is known for his willingness to show up and pitch in. When asked to help plan our “CAMP CoLA” community event this semester, he didn’t just say yes, he volunteered to be the Master of Ceremonies, and then he showed up in a tux! Wherever Casey ends up going next, his talents and his sense of good citizenship will change the people and places he comes in contact with for the better. 

Last Updated on May 4, 2021. 

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