New publication chronicles a community's grassroots hacktivism and cyberfeminist disobedience

Woodbury School of Architecture (WSoA) was pleased to welcome Echo Theohar to its full-time faculty line-up this semester. Echo will be teaching in the school’s Applied Computer Science-Media Arts department.

WSoA is also excited to share the recent publication of voidLab 2015-2017, an archive that chronicles all projects, actions, and reflections accumulated by voidLab, an intersectional feminist collective for women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, trans and queer people to express individual identities through art and technology. Echo co-founded voidLab six years ago with several colleagues and friends. With this release, readers can learn about the group’s history as a temporary community operating in the realms of grassroots hacktivism and cyberfeminist disobedience.

The publication was a joint effort between Echo and Xin Xin, Assistant Faculty of Interaction and Media Design at The New School, NY, as well as graphic designer Livia Foldes. Contributors featured in the book include A.M. Darke (@prettydarke), Alice Jung (@alicehjung), Amanda Stojanov (@amandastojanov), Andrea Vitali (@superluna.12), Chelly Jin (@chellyjin), Christina Yglesias (@christinayglesiasstudio), Echo Theohar (@eskyet), Eli Joteva (@joteva), Evelyn Masso (@outofambit), Hillary Cleary (@hillcleary), Jules Kris (@soup.prince), Kate Hollenbach (@kjhollen), Regina Napolitano (@reginanapolitano), Sanglim Han (@sanglimhan), Sofia S.G. (@sofurby), Xin Xin (@xinemata), Yuehao Jiang (@yuehaojjjjj).

The book is available in both a print version and a free PDF, which can be read in its entirety at: projects.dma.ucla.edu/

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