MBA Students Take on Beautiful Curly Me as Consulting Project

As part of their capstone course projects, MBA student teams have adopted Beautiful Curly Me as their consulting case this semester.  Under experienced guidance of their professor, Dr. Paul Sabolic, the student teams virtually met with the company’s CEO to inquire about current strategies, operations, and tactics used.

Beautiful Curly Me is a young, Atlanta-based business, run by Evana and Zoe Oli, a mom and daughter duo that focuses on inspiring self-confidence and self-love in young black/brown girls through natural hair dolls, hair care accessories, books and more. The company is 100% Black Owned and donates 10% of its profits to girl empowerment organizations. Beautiful Curly Me emerged from Zoe’s increased awareness, as a 6-year-old girl at the time, that there were very few dolls with dark skin tones, and even fewer with curly hair like her own. Zoe’s concerns inspired her mother, Evana, to first buy her a black doll, and subsequently explore the options of creating and dressing these dolls to make other girls with similar needs happy.

Beautiful Curly Me is currently making headway in visibility and business prominence. One of the dolls, Leyla, even made it to Oprah’s 2020 Favorite Things video feature, resulting in a major increase in popularity of the doll and the company!

The MBA student teams will focus their attention on strategic consulting, thereby serving two purposes: developing their own conceptual and skill-based understanding required to practice consulting and assisting a young, yet promising company in further improving its stability and distinction in its field of operation.

Last Updated on February 4, 2021.

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