Mark Ericson and Heather Flood Featured at A+D Museum

Woodbury professors Mark Ericson and Heather Flood are currently featured as part of the A+D Museum exhibition architecture, architectural & Architecture curated by Anthony Morey and Ryan Tyler Martinez, as well as associate curators Nicholas Korody and William Hu.

The exhibition explores how architecture aims to take stock, understand the overlaps, force overlaps and begin to find our insides, outsides, and fringes of our newly defined discipline. Architecture looks not to answer questions but to discover the potentiality of understanding all the tools at hand and the various methods and means of its ideologies. architecture, architectural & Architecture is a collection. “Each contribution is a set of texts, images, and objects calling forward a stance. Each stance represents each participant providing an agitation to the whole. Each agitation producing only a greater whole revealing a possible new position. Each position attempting to provoke a conversation, a possible polemic. Each polemic an opportunity for creative exploration.”

The show will run at the A+D Museum from June 17, 2017 – July 2, 2017. Find out more about the exhibition here.

The exhibition was recently covered by Matthew Allen on Archinect.


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