Maneh Tahmasian (M.Arch '21) featured in Archinect's 2021 Thesis Spotlight series

Image courtesy of Maneh Tahmasian

WSOA graduate Maneh Tahmasian (M.Arch ’21) was recently featured in Archinect’s 2021 Thesis Review series. Archinect’s series looks at the work of students from several schools of architecture across the country. Tahmasian discusses her project, Through Thick and Thin, throughout the piece.

Through thick and thin wasn’t about building and abstracting a set of walls, but I wanted to tell a complex narrative about an experience. We use the ambiguity of the dome, a historical and cultural element of Armenian architecture, as a tool to miss-read or translate something we all recognize and know, such as domes and sections, into facade details and facade elements,” Tahmasian says in the interview.

Check out the full interview here.

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