Linda Taalman Chosen as a Panelist in the 2017 ACSA Fall Conference

Associate Professor Linda Taalman has been selected as a panelist in the Opening Panel Discussion of the 2017 ACSA Fall Conference: Crossings between the Proximate and Remote. Linda joins Flavin Judd, Jim Williamson, Kyna Leski, and Troy Schaum on the panel. The 2017 ACSA Fall Conference invites a range of topics near and distant to architecture along the theme of the “proximate and the remote.” Participants were asked to place work between apparently opposing forces and articulate methods of extraordinary outcomes that result in such journeys.

2017 ACSA Fall Conference
October 12-14, 2017 – Marfa, Texas
Texas Tech University College of Architecture

The Fall 2017 ACSA Conference, Crossings between the Proximate and Remote, welcomes an expansion and meditation on the remote as both a tangible and imaginary space. The prompt states that “We, as architects and artists, are increasingly compelled to cross the boundaries of our disciplinary practices with other practices, perceptions and realities. As such, the Conference purposefully alludes to Cormac McCarthy’s writings about this landscape, which like Judd’s work, unexpectedly link bodies of knowledge and experience into a virtuoso artistic synthesis. Thus, the Conference seeks to situate architecture elsewhere – between the literal and evocative spaces of the proximate and the remote – geographically or disciplinarily. Located an hour from the Mexico-US border, the conference challenges any singular cultural legibility. Presentations will articulate the confluence of spaces that architects and others negotiate in the multivalent ways we cross boundaries, engage extreme conditions and bridge divergent realities and practices. What are the ways that we negotiate the proximate and remote? How can our contributions be shaped by our own journeys between them?”

Linda Taalman lives and practices in Los Angeles, where she leads her company IT House Inc., facilitating the completion of over a dozen offsite-fabricated IT House projects. She simultaneously directs her studio Taalman Architecture, formerly Taalman Koch Architecture, where her projects have garnered a multitude of accolades: Dia: Beacon (AIA NY Merit Award 2006), IT House (AIA LA Merit Award 2008, Sunset Western Home Awards 2009- Best Small Space), the Small Skyscraper (LEF Fund), and Stabiae Archeological Park (ASLA Scraper Award). Taalman’s explorations in architecture investigate the potential of building technologies and systems, sustainability, practicality, and ingenuity. She has lectured widely, from Copenhagen to Aspen, and her work has been exhibited throughout the world at the likes of MOMA, Art Basel, and the Vitra Design Museum. Linda previously taught at Art Center College of Design, the Cooper Union, SCI Arc, USC and UCLA before joining Woodbury University.



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