Lecture Series: Kiel Moe | January 12 in Burbank

Join us for our 2016 Spring Lecture Series. Our next architecture lecture on the Burbank campus takes place on Tuesday, January 12.

Architect Kiel Moe, Associate Professor of Architecture & Energy and Co-Director of Master of Design Studies program at Harvard Graduate School of Design, will talk about his work.

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Kiel Moe’s research and pedagogy focuses on an agenda (theories, techniques, and technologies) for energy that is at once more ecologically and architecturally ambitous: Maximum Power Design. A such, he focuses on both buildings as manifestations of large scale energy systems as well as overlooked and discrete thermal parameters in buildings that yet have great impact on the power of a building.

Before teaching at Harvard, Moe taught theories of energy and building systems in University of Illinois at Chicago, Syracuse University and Northeastern University. Moe received the B.Arch from the University of Cincinnati, M.Arch from University of Virginia, and a Master in Design and Environmental Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Design Advanced Studies Program.

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