Woodbury & National Health Foundation Take on the LA 2050 Challenge

Woodbury University is partnering with the National Health Foundation in the LA2050 Grant Challenge to build a youth organizing base in Pico-Union that can address barriers to healthy living.  In partnership with West Adams Preparatory High School and Woodbury University’s Agency for Civic Engagement, the team plans to engage high school students in researching and addressing community conditions that impact their health. If selected, the team will be awarded $100,000 to support this effort. The grant challenge is decided by public voting; vote for ‘Youth Organizing for Better Health in Pico-Union’ below:




National Health Foundation, ACE and West Adams Preparatory High School 

The partnership aims to address the most pressing health issues by working with community residents and empowering them to take action. The team believes in engaging with youth and elevating their voices so local issues can be addressed and the future’s leaders are prepared.

How do you vote?

Public voting begins on April 22, and ends on April 29, 2019. To vote, you must be at least 14 years old and a US resident. Voters must sign in with their mobile phone, email address, or Facebook account.

Check out more of NHF’s youth organizing programs here.

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