Innovation Think Tank Future Lecture

On November 29, senior marketing students completed their first Innovation Think Tank course in the School of Business. Throughout the fall semester, students researched trends and created a futurist report on what millennials will likely want in 2019.

The students interviewed and visited industry experts from multiple sectors to collect information about what is driving change for each sector. The reports covered such areas as entertainment, home, education, health, food, wine & spirits, fashion, music, gaming, beauty, and travel. The students’ worked with a variety of people and organizations to complete their reports, including a Grammy award-winning music producer, virtual reality studios, the CMO of Sharky’s, a Whole Foods / Amazon food delivery consultant, the Echo Look development team, Fox Network’s marketing team, Future Laboratory UK, the founder of Tastemade, the food network, the VP of marketing from Young’s Market (the second largest distribution center in the country of wine & spirits), Four Season’s digital team and Warner Brothers strategists.

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