Stylish, and Then Some, South of the Border: Woodbury University Turns Out for InnovaModa

University Becomes Event’s First Educational Partner; Fashion Design and
Fashion Marketing Faculty Engage with Tijuana Fashion Community

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 19, 2016) – Fashion is often regarded as a universal language, and that was definitely the vibe as Woodbury University became the first educational partner of InnovaModa (http://www.tijuanainnovadora.com/innovamoda-2015), an annual celebration of fashion, culture and design, held in Tijuana late last year.

Woodbury occupied a prominent position in the multi-day event, which drew some 1,400 attendees, with opportunities for the university’s representatives to showcase Woodbury’s programs, to learn more about Tijuana and Mexico in fashion and beyond, and to meet some of the country’s top-level figures in fashion and related disciplines. InnovaModa was held at CECUT, deemed the cultural and architectural jewel of Tijuana.

Kathryn Hagen, MFA, professor of Fashion Design, gave two Design and Visual Skills master classes in English, for fashion design students and fashion design professionals, respectively. Fashion Marketing Chair Wendy Bendoni delivered a single presentation in English, on digital disruption in social media. Spanish language presentations spanned the gamut, from editorial fashion photography, sustainable fashion and “Makeup for the Movies,” to the legal protection of fashion design and “Fashion as Business.”

A three-part runway show included 50+ looks by winners of a public design competition held in Tijuana, 12-15 Woodbury looks from recent student collections, and commentary from experts in the community.
“InnovaModa organizers were excited to have an educational institution from L.A. on hand because that gave an international cachet to the event,” Hagen said. “The runway show was professional and truly beautiful. I was extremely impressed by the looks, and the enthusiasm, energy and support for young designers and artists. The number of models was astonishing.

“From Woodbury’s perspective, InnovaModa proved to be a powerful partnership between Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design,” she said. “We were able to address different aspects of the industry in an organized and thoughtful manner, suggesting cutting-edge ways young designers can function without spending a lot on advertising.”
“Many in the audience didn’t realize all the things they could write about or talk about that were happening in their own neighborhoods,” Bendoni said. “Everybody came together to show what they could do, and to establish a platform to start a conversation about how amazing these young designers are. Those who stood out reflected on where they’ve come from — beach communities, where craftsmanship and leatherwork have been passed down over 30 years, to modern/contemporary folk art today. We want to help them push those unique conversations coming from their designs.”

According to Hagen, craftsmanship from the Tijuana cohort may well qualify some for L.A. Fashion Week. “I’m hoping to give them content to bring to Los Angeles and to Woodbury itself, which would be a productive result of our involvement in InnovaModa,” she said.
“As this event demonstrated, Fashion Marketing is changing the game,” Bendoni said. “Through social media, designers in Tijuana are now on the same playing field as some of biggest designers in the world. It’s about being exposed to different ways of thinking. Anybody can sew. How you put it all together, what your ideas are, is what matters – not where you live.”
About Woodbury University
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