Dr.Mine Ucok Hughes's article featured in Harvard Business School Publication

An article co-authored by Dr.Mine Ucok Hughes is featured on Harvard Business Publishing for Educators.
Titled “Keeping up with The Joneses: Stealth, Secrets, and Duplicity in Marketing Relationships“,  it was originally published in Business Horizons in November 2015.


Stealth, or undercover, marketing involves the disguising of marketing communications that marketers undertake to purposefully influence their audiences without the audiences being aware of these activities. Inasmuch as stealth marketing involves secrecy (the withholding of information) and miscommunication (the communication of partial or misleading information), it is at least on some level duplicitous. Duplicity is the
double act of secrecy and misrepresentation. In this article we explore duplicity in marketing communications. Specifically, we deconstruct the movie The Joneses to explore the various ways in which both marketers and consumers employ duplicity in their communications-to each other and themselves. We conclude by exploring the ethical and functional issues duplicity raises, and suggest that irony is one way in which duplicity can be ethically and productively employed.

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