Paulette Singley Published in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Food and Popular Culture

Woodbury School of Architecture Professor Paulette Singley was recently published in the food media work The Bloomsbury Handbook of Food and Popular Culture, a book that explores the influence of food as it has become more and more intertwined with popular culture. The Bloomsbury Handbook of Food and Popular Culture brings together over 20 original essays from leading experts, including Amy Bentley, Deborah Lupton, Fabio Parasecoli, and Isabelle de Solier; the book aims to define the connections between food and popular culture.

Divided into four parts, the book covers:
– Media and Communication; including film, television, print media, the Internet, and emerging media
– Material Cultures of Eating; including eating across the lifespan, home cooking, food retail, restaurants, and street food
– Aesthetics of Food; including urban landscapes, museums, visual and performance arts
– Socio-Political Considerations; including popular discourses around food science, waste, nutrition, ethical eating, and food advocacy

Paulette’s article, Procrustean Boxes: Architecture and Slaughter, explores the aesthetics of food alongside work by Fabio Parasecoli, Andre Viljoen, Yael Raviv, Irina D. Mihalache, and David Szanto.

Paulette is an internationally known architectural historian whose work expands the disciplinary limits of architecture across diverse subject matter such as food, film, and fashion. Paulette is currently a Visiting Professor in the Department of Architecture in the College of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) for the 2017-2018 academic year.


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