Frida Figueroa Alumni Spotlight

“I’m Frida Figueroa, and my academic path is a reflection of my interest in the fusion of creativity, technology, and design. My Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (BArch), with a minor in Applied Computer Science–Media Arts (ACSMA), from Woodbury University, served as the cornerstone of my academic pursuits. During my time at Woodbury, I enhanced my design thinking skills and developed an understanding of the power of computational tools in architectural innovation. It was here that I realized the potential of merging architecture with technology and programming, allowing me to create innovative designs that harmonized aesthetics with functionality.

Inspired by the programs and cool projects I created during my minor at Woodbury, I decided to take this passion further. This led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Media Arts and Technology at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). At UCSB, I had the opportunity to dive deeply into the world of digital media, interactive design, and the integration of technology with creativity. My background in ACSMA not only reinforced my skills but also enabled me to create projects that seamlessly bridged the gap between architecture and technology.”

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