Four Ecologies Panel Discussion

San Diego’s Evolving Relationship With The Automobile @ The Intersection of Architecture + The Built Environment  

This exhibition takes as it inspiration British architectural historian Reyner Banham’s  treatise ​Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies​,​a tribute to LA as a “mobile city.”​ San  Diego: The Architecture of Four Ecologies ​similarly​pays homage to San Diego as a city of  change and possibility, with a focus on the car as the current and predominant means to  access and experience four of its own ecologies: Beaches, Freeways, Sub/urban and Border.  Four Ecologies ​is organized around these terrains, providing a gateway to engender dialogue about how we navigate and engage each environment. Works in various media—including drawing, painting, photography, installation, and video—will illuminate San Diego’s evolving narrative about the relationship between the automobile, architecture, and the environment.  Participating artists include: Doug Aitken, Abe King, Cy Kukenbacker, Robert Minervini, Margaret Noble, Jens Ochlich, Rene Peralta, Hector Perez, Iana Quesnell, Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Dustin Shuler, Paul Turounet, UCSD Design Lab/Colleen Emmenegger, Gareth Walsh, and Michael Webb.  Essay contributors include: Jennifer Luce FAIA, Kent Yoshimura, Bruce Appleyard, Lawrence Herzog, and Bruni Mori.



November 10, 2018




5pm-530pm Snacks

530pm-615pm panel discussion

615pm-645pm Q&A



Rebecca Webb, Curator introduced by Heath Fox, Executive Director of LJHS


Panelists (5) 

Bruce Appleyard (urban planner SDSU-freeways), ​Colleen Emmenegger (UCSD Design

Lab-driverless cars – freeways/sub/urbia), Hector Perez (Woodbury- Border/Architecture),

Lawrence Herzog (City Planning, School of Public Affairs, SDSU-Border) and Alejandro

Santander (partner @Hyperloop west – Border)



Woodbury University School of Architecture


Food and Beverage 

Wine, crackers, cheese, fruit

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