Fashion Marketing Chair Recognized for Research

Wendy K. Bendoni, chair of both the Marketing and Fashion Marketing departments in the School of Business, was recently recognized for her research, “A Luxury Approach to Cognitive Computing & Adaptive Interactive Systems: The Future of Personalization,” which highlights Artificial Intelligence and luxury customer service. Selected by a scientific committee at the Swiss 21st International Watchmaking Day in La Chaux-de-Fonds, her work will be included in Marketing Horloger: L’ Intelligence Digitale (Watchmaking Marketing: Digital Intelligence), the official journal of the event.

The journal, edited by François Courvoisier and Kalust Zorik, takes stock of the state of digital watchmaking marketing around three key themes: How to go from big data to big intelligence;  what are the popular tools, social networks, bloggers and influencers; and how to build tribes and convert them into buyers, fans, addicts and aficionados?

Bendoni’s research explores key insights that will enable independent luxury watch brands to create a more personalized experience amongst their loyal brand patrons through a luxury approach to cognitive computing and adaptive interactive systems which are the future of personalization through Artificial Intelligence. According to her, the Artificial Intelligence movement will continue to change the next generation of affluent consumer’s expectations, and with a continued reliance on smartphone technology, it is inevitable that the future of personalization will require further investigation.

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