Fall 2020 SOA Livestream Final Reviews

Join Woodbury School of Architecture for the Fall 2020 Virtual Review Livestreams on Monday, November 30th through Monday, December 7th. The reviews showcase a sample of exceptional student work produced in the undergraduate and graduate programs during the Fall 2020 academic semester.

The livestreams will capture student presentations on rotation during each day’s allotted time. Not all student projects will be included in each livestream, and all times are listed in Pacific Standard Time.

Monday, November 30th

4:15pm – 6:45pm PST: CSMA 202 Programming, Gottfried Haider


Tuesday, December 1st

9am – 1pm PST: ARCH 101 Studio 1, Bailey Shugart & Michael Peguero

3pm – 6pm PST: ARCH 301 Studio 5, Hector M. Perez

4pm – 6pm PST: ARCH 201 Studio 3, Anali Gharakhani


Wednesday, December 2nd

2pm – 6pm PST: IDES 207 Studio 3, Heather Peterson

4pm – 6pm PST: ARCH 301 Studio 5, Paulette Singley


Friday, December 4th

9:15am – 1pm PST: IDES 650 Studio 5, Christoph Korner

10am – 12pm PST: ARCH 583 Grad Studio 1, Ryan Tyler Martinez

2pm – 4pm PST: ARCH 587 Grad Studio 3, Cody Miner

4pm – 6pm PST: ARCH 691 Grad Studio 5, Carmelia Chiang

9am – 2pm  PST: CSMA 401,Thesis 1, Nikita Pashenkov

9:15am – 1pm PST: IDES 480 Studio 7, Christoph Korner

11am – 1pm PST: ARCH 401 Studio 7, Linda Taalman

2pm – 3pm PST: ARCH 430 Studio 9, Gerard Smulevich

3:30pm – 4:30pm PST: ARCH 430 Studio 9, Jason Rebillot

5pm – 6pm PST: ARCH 430 Studio 9, Berenika Boberska


Monday, December 7th

9am – 11:30am PST: IDES 259 Tectonics 1, Matthew Corbitt


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