Entrepreneur Lecture Series: Student Entrepreneur Panel

The School of Business organized three entrepreneur lecture series during the semester, all of which were accessible to students from all four Woodbury schools. The final lecture series was held on Wednesday, April 25, and consisted of a student entrepreneurs panel, moderated by Dr. Paul Sabolic, advisor for the campus chapter of CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization).

The panel members represented several schools on campus, and were the winners of this year’s Baron Business Plan competition. The panel members reflected on the preparation of a business plan, and the complexities this brings along, especially for those who are not business majors. They recommended their audience to work backward from the vision they have, and then breaking it down into smaller parts until they arrive at the creation of a plan. The student entrepreneurs recommended remain cautious in budgeting for their business plans, and always start with a worst case scenario in mind. They also stressed the importance of good time management in preparing the plan, as well as being realistic in the timeline proposed in the plan. The student entrepreneurs opened up about their quest for entrepreneurship, stating that they preferred working for themselves rather than giving all credit to others and only getting more work if they worked hard for an employer. They stressed the gratification they found in being their own boss, and encouraged others to consider this as well.

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