Dr. Linda Dove’s Poems Nominated for Prestigious Pushcart Prize

Honors Program Coordinator Dr. Linda Dove, has had two of her poems nominated by editors for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. Winning entries are included in the 2020 Pushcart Anthology. Published every year since 1976, it is considered one of the most honored literary projects in the United States. Nominations are made by little magazine and small presses throughout the world, as well as by Pushcart’s own staff of distinguished contributing editors. Pushcart Prizes are highly competitive, and nominations are considered newsworthy in their own right.

Dr. Dove’s poem, “What I Learned This Week About Desire,” was nominated by Green Linden Press. This poem was also nominated for a “Best of the Net” award earlier this year. The other nominated poem, “At the Start of the Pandemic, We Find Ourselves in the Desert,” was written in collaboration with fellow poet, Angie Vorhies. This poem was published as part of the anthology When the Virus Came Calling: COVID-19 Strikes America and nominated by its editor.

Results of the prize competitions will be announced this Spring.

Last Updated on February 25, 2021. 

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