(D)escribir la Ciudad​ | (De)scribing the City

The city is the scene of daily life. With the purpose of rediscovering their city, several cultural and scientific organizations in the Tijuana border region invited Mexican architect and Woodbury University faculty member, Rene Peralta, and French writer, Karl Laske, to walk the border city of Tijuana together for a week (June 12 -16). Tijuana is the most Westernized point of Latin America.

On Thursday, June 16, Peralta and Laske presented the reinterpretations in graphic and narrative form from this collaboration — a multicultural and interdisciplinary vision of a city under transformation.


Concurrent with other symposia at Tijuana institutions during that same week, Peralta and Laske viewed the city through the theme of immigration: traveling to and from the physical manifestation of the border wall and its scar in the landscape to conceptual states of periphery, border culture, and bi-national urbanization in the 21st century.

This event was organized by El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (El Colef) in Tijuana, the Center for Mexican and Central American Studies (CEMCA) in Mexico City, Services Cooperation of the Embassy of France in Mexico / IFAL and URMIS (Research Unit Migration and Society) with the support of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and with collaboration of the French Embassy in Niger.

Photos by Rene Peralta

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