Cesia Lopez-Angel Participated in NCARB 2015 Intern Think Tank

Woodbury School of Architecture alumna, Cesia Lopez-Angel, was part of a group of 12 aspiring architects who gathered in Washington, D.C., in October for NCARB’s fourth annual Intern Think Tank. Over the course of two days, the group of young professionals brainstormed improvements to NCARB’s programs, ways to enhance the NCARB Certificate, and new communications tools. Below is Cesia’s report:

2015 NCARB Intern Think Tank

“During the month of October I had the opportunity to participate in NCARB’s Intern Think Tank where I met other like-minded aspiring architects from all over the nation eager to share ideas and find innovative ways of making the architectural license process more efficient and accessible to as many professionals as possible.

During the three day weekend visit to NCARB’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., I was encouraged to see the NCARB’s team eager excitement to listen and find ways of applying the “intern” perspective through our ideas and concerns, no topic was off limits. The team of young professionals selected to participate in the discussions where from diverse backgrounds, education levels, and professional experiences, and the unique experience of having everyone participate in a round table discussion only enriched the process.

Through a series of workshops and team exercises, we were able to discuss topics ranging from our professional journey to obtaining the architectural process, which included our unique intern experience and examination, to discussing ways for motivating others to engage in the process. Our one year appointment will allow these discussions to continue and evolve as we work to defining the ideas and topics discussed through the weekend and eventually present it to the NCARB team sometime in 2016.”

Photo courtesy of NCARB. (From left) Cesia Lopez-Angel, Michelle Santos, Jessica Parmenter, and Yuri Ramos consider innovative ways to measure the knowledge and skills of an aspiring architect.
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