Celebrating 10 Years: Master of Science in Architecture, Real Estate Development

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, Woodbury School of Architecture celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its San Diego-based Master of Science in Architecture | Real Estate Development program (MSArch RED) with an alumni exhibition and celebration. The event was held at You Are Here in San Diego’s Golden Hill, an award-winning mixed-use project by alumnus and current adjunct MSArch RED professor, Mike Burnett, AIA, Principal of FoundationForForm Architecture and Development.

The exhibit featured project work by over 26 MSArch RED alumni and graduating students, course history and data, videos, and reflections on a decade of program success by School of Architecture Interim Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter; School of Architecture (San Diego) Chair Catherine Herbst and San Diego faculty member Hector M. Perez.

“Each student’s voice is developed with care and respect.”

In her welcome speech addressing 400+ guests Wahlroos-Ritter pointed out, “What I tell anyone who asks, is that Woodbury San Diego, and in particular the MSArch RED program, demonstrates in its close-knit and talented community, the essence of the values to which Woodbury’s School of Architecture is committed: diversity not only in the demographics of its students and faculty, but in its pedagogy and teaching methodologies in which each student’s unique voice is developed with care and respect.”

Catherine Herbst praised the RED Office founder and MSArch RED program chair, architect Ted Smith, by calling him “a true visionary […] who has stimulated a building culture, unique and unorthodox to higher education and to architecture schools.”

“Architecture should be powerful, and MSArch RED is a force.”

The Real Estate Development program has gained a cult-like industry following due to its progressive curriculum, great successes, and the steadfast dedication of its founder, Ted Smith, and co-director Jonathan Segal, FAIA, each of whom has left numerous marks on San Diego’s urban fabric through their own distinctive, self-designed and developed projects. “Architecture should be powerful, and MSArch RED is a force,” said Herbst. “This little program has a very loud voice, and it has brought Woodbury to the discussion table through the vital participation of its faculty, students and alumni. MSArch RED’s outstanding design-driven projects and innovative sustainable strategies have galvanized our citizens to understand and embrace the value of infill development.”

Faculty member Hector M. Perez congratulated Ted Smith on all of his accomplishments and his dedication to the students and thanked Mike Burnett for hosting the amazing event in one of his developed spaces.

Statistics of MS Arch RED Alumni since 2007 
Average age at graduation:         34
Projects currently in progress:    67
Completed projects:                      43
Units:                                                605
Affordable units:                             188
Total square feet:                            779,965
Total development cost:               $216,704,000
Number of awards received:        22

MSArch RED builds upon the unique perspective and philosophies of the architect. Innovative and unique, it is taught by renowned faculty and draws students from around the world. The 12-month, three-semester program is designed to empower and inspire the architect by providing a broad-spectrum view of architecture and development, and as such, it is delivered entirely through a hands-on studio based format. Students explore today’s most creative approaches and infill-based solutions in addressing the environmental, physical, financial and humanistic challenges of today’s built environment.

MSArch RED’s decade-long list of faculty is a who’s who of leading architects, alumni and industry professionals including bankers, contractors, building officials, lawyers, market analysts, and sales representatives, who teach parallel professional classes. A partial list includes Hector Perez, Lloyd Russell, Brett Farrow, Tyler Hansen, Sebastian Mariscal, Nathan Moeder, Mike Burnett, Dave Saborio, Carl Spiteri, Jeff Haile, Akore Berliner, James Churchill, Ted Smith and Jonathan Segal.

See more photos of the 10-year MSArch RED celebration on Facebook. Photos by Jeremy Artates.

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