Héctor Pérez: Architect Transforming Barrio Logan

Woodbury faculty member, Héctor Pérez is featured in a San Diego City Beat article in the July 2015 edition as one of the contributors to the cultural transformation taking place in Barrio Logan, home of Woodbury University’s San Diego campus.

In Barrio Logan, San Diego, the once desolate warehouse district is now transitioning to an up-and-coming arts and culture destination. Héctor Pérez was the architect and developer responsible for La Esquina, which is an art piece in itself. The 4,000 sf, two-story building, 3 blocks east of Woodbury School of Architecture, is part of a larger vision for Barrio Logan.

La Esquina has housed a long and impressive list of artists and designers who’ve helped bring the block of Logan Avenue to life since the building opened in 2012.

In the article, Pérez shares, “the number of ‘developer sharks’ circling Barrio Logan looking to make a quick buck is indeed frightening.” But he’s not too worried.

“I think a community that has always been so politically active will continue to be that way,” he says. “The community wins small battles and the battle of not changing the cultural identity of Barrio Logan is one that I think we have a very unique and good opportunity to salvage…I think culture will win this battle, so I’m happy to be a part of it.”

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