Applied Computer Science Lecture Series Presents: Varda Bark-Kar

BIG VOICE – From Idea to Netflix

DATE:     Monday, 10-16-2017
TIME:      4:00PM – 5:30PM
WHERE:  Woodbury University Burbank Campus
Entertainment Media Room E100

Varda will provide a step by step account of her creative journey starting with “the idea” that led to her award-winning feature documentary Big Voice now available on Netflix and soon to be released worldwide.

Topics of discussion will include how she came up with the idea, how she vetted the idea, assembling the creative team, securing permissions, raising funds, selecting crew and equipment, sustaining production for a year and half, all aspects of post production and securing distribution.

About the speaker:

Varda Bark-Kar creates award-winning films that explore what it means to be human. Her work ranges from short films to feature projects. Her celebrated LGBTQ film What Kind of Planet Are We On? was honored with YouTube’s Most Innovative Non-Profit Video Award.  Her feature documentary Big Voice has been picked up by Gravitas Ventures for global distribution.

Varda is now in development on her first scripted feature project School of Summer – a coming of age dramedy steeped in the suburban Southern California culture of the mid-1970’s.

Varda serves as Co-Chair at New Filmmakers Los Angeles.



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