Alumna Genevieve Enriquez Wins AIAS Honor Award

Alumna Genevieve Enriquez, former President of the Woodbury School of Architecture AIAS chapter, has been recognized with with the AIAS Chapter Leader Honor Award. This national award recognizes a chapter leader who demonstrates exemplary involvement with the campus community and professional organizations, has worked to create an environment that encourages involvement of motivated and energetic members, and who exhibit cooperative skills and a desire and ability to present successful programs.

With sensitivity and care, Genevieve nurtured and supported each member of the chapter to lead their own projects, resulting in a wide array of programs and activities reflective of our diverse students. Projects and initiatives ranged from professional development workshops and site visits, to philanthropic activities that translated architecture skills into a charity event supporting artists with HIV, to stress-buster events that focused on holistic wellness. Despite working full time, Genevieve still participates in the School of Architecture Student Leadership Council, and volunteered her time last summer to help launch an alumni-student mentoring program.

According to Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, “As President of Woodbury School of Architecture’s AIAS chapter, Genevieve demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment, not just to the growth and development of the AIAS chapter, but to the student body at large. I am deeply grateful to her for her years of service to our community.”

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