Applied Computer Science - Media Arts Program Joins School of Architecture

Woodbury University’s Applied Computer Science – Media Arts program has now joined the School of Architecture. Previously part of the School of Media, Culture and Design, the program helps students become designers, thinkers and leaders of the new digital age. This art and technology hybrid degree focuses on emerging digital practices by working with interactive environments, experiential design and human-computer interaction. The program builds computational literacy and design skills, enabling students to become innovators in design, entertainment, and media arts.

“We are thrilled to be welcoming the students of the Applied Computer Science – Media Arts program to the School of Architecture,” says Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter. “I would like to thank Dean Sue Vessella, former Chair Ana Herruzo, and the outstanding ACSMA faculty for helping to craft a superb curriculum. I look forward to working with the new chair Mark Ericson on continuing the rigor of the program, and finding ways to integrate the learning outcomes into the School of Architecture as well as the other new computer science programs at Woodbury University. It’s exciting to imagine how the knowledge and skills that the ACSMA program brings – at the intersection of virtual and physical environments and responsive systems – will transform the future of architecture and interior design.”


ACSMA Chair Mark Ericson holds a Master’s of Architecture from SCI_Arc and Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers College. His drawings have been published in LOG, 306090, and the catalog for the Museum of Modern Art exhibition Uneven Growth. His research and teaching focus on the relationship between historical practices of representation and contemporary developments in the discipline. Mark brings extensive experience in program leadership, student advising, curriculum building, recruiting and teaching excellence.

Mark recently completed the book Animating Guarini: An Orthographic Project. The core of the book consists of the translation of 17th century drawing techniques into animated drawings developed in the programming language of Python. In 2016, Mark developed the only core studio in the architecture program that requires students to use design computation as their primary design methodology.

Students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of computation, art, and design should contact Mark Ericson to discuss a minor in Applied Computer Science – Media Arts.  [email protected]

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