Dr. Joan Marques Gives TEDx Talk at College of the Canyons

Dr. Joan Marques, Assistant Dean and Chair/Director of the BBA Program in the School of Business has given a TEDx talk at College of the Canyons on Saturday, March 19.

The conference theme was “Trending”, and the title of Joan’s talk was, “An Ancient Path toward a Better Future”.

In her talk, Marques applied the ancient “Noble Eightfold Path” as a time-transcending instrument that can ensure responsible leadership focusing on a brighter future. She presented trailblazing individuals such as Elon Musk, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Binta Niambi-Brown, Ray Anderson, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Millard Fuller, and Howard Schultz as leaders who, deliberately or not, exerted behaviors and initiatives to underscore her perspectives.

Marques was one of five speakers that gave a talk at this event. The TEDx talk will be available on the TEDx YouTube channel within the next few weeks.

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