2020 Grand Critique Student Award Winners Announced

Students from Woodbury School of Architecture’s graduating class were recognized with a series of 2020 Grand Critique Awards this spring. These awards are chosen by highest overall GPA, faculty choice, and from among the class by student peers.


The 2020 Grand Critique winners in Los Angeles:

The 2020 Grand Critique winners in San Diego:

Supported by the AIA San Fernando Valley for those students in Los Angeles, The AIA SFV Fund has gifted a $156,000 endowment to Woodbury School of Architecture. Proceeds from the endowment will go toward funding scholarships to Architecture and Interior Design students at Woodbury. The scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate students based on their architecture program portfolios. The awards are funded through an endowment created by the San Fernando Valley chapter of AIA (AIA|SFV), a professional association whose members are comprised of licensed architects and dedicated to furthering the architecture profession in local communities.

Since 2001, AIA|SFV has awarded more than $135,000 in scholarships to approximately 150 Woodbury School of Architecture students.

Woodbury School of Architecture is a network of hubs strategically sited within the Southern California megalopolis: Los Angeles, San Diego and Hollywood. Together, they form a critical infrastructure for architectural investigations. The school’s undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture and interior design educate students as entrepreneurs, architect citizens, and cultural builders.

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