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Updates, Resources and More

All updates regarding your online learning experience will be compiled here, from general announcements to tutorials to virtual resources. We hope to make this transition to online learning as smooth as possible.

Virtual Events

Even though we’re quarantined, there will still be virtual events students (and WU community members) can participate in! Keep your eye on this tab for more updates.

Student Events

  • Join our 24-hour Minecraft server! It is open to our Woodbury Community, however, there is a sign-up process to screen individuals to make sure they are a Woodbury community member. Use this link to sign up or click the button below. This program is provided by Residence Life/Student Affairs.

Join “WUWORLD” today

  • Have you ever managed to exercise, paint, and make pancakes at the same time? Watch the recorded Livestream of John Kilduff, aka “Mr. Let’s Paint T.V.” in this event sponsored by The Nan Rae Gallery and Animation Club!


School of Business Events

  • Talk to the Deans and Chairs about anything you are interested in learning about! This “Ask Us Anything” session will take place every other Tuesday from 3 PM-4 PM, starting April 21st. Click the button below to request connection details.

Request connection details

  • Jumpstart your career! Join this dialogue with a panel of School of Business Advisory Board members, consisting of local business leaders. The sessions are held every last Thursday of the month from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Click the button below to request connection details.

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College of Liberal Arts Events

  • Our College of Liberal Arts is keeping its activities alive throughout a few virtual activities taking place throughout the months of April and May. See how you can be involved by clicking the button below! New events have been added as of 5/4/2020.


School of Architecture Events

  • Interior Design Virtual Classes – lectures by Christoph Korner and Heather Peterson, and a Design Studio Livestream.

Interior Design Virtual Classes

  • San Diego Virtual Event – a conversation between Catherine Herbst and Marcel Sanchez-Prieto

San Diego Virtual Event

  • Faculty Lecture: Marcel Sanchez-Prieto – 23 April, 12 pm

Faculty lecture: 4/23/2020 at 12 PM

The COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

The COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund has been set up to make available critical resources for immediate needs like food, essential supplies and housing assistance for students who have been affected by this disruption. This application will help a team work to identify students with needs, to respond to requests, and to direct financial assistance to ensure the greatest impact. Given the overall impact of the current situation, the funds available for distribution will be limited to $500.00 per student. However, the team will also review the requests presented in the application to try and identify other potential student aid opportunities. Questions can be directed to 

If you are a student who wants to apply for funding, please click the button below:

Apply to  the covid-19 student emergency fund

If you would like to donate to the fund and support our students in need, please click the button below:

GiVE to the covid-19 student emergency fund