Making Complex

The following list of videos can be used as reference by students to refresh themselves on facility policies and proper machine use.


The following tutorials will be developed over the first three weeks of the Fall 2020 Semester and will be published shortly. You may sign up for in-person training through the links below:

Los Angeles             San Diego

Training Videos

Access and Policies

Panel Saw

Table Saw

Miter Saw

Band Saw

Drill Press

Competency Quiz (Wood Shop)

Access & Policies

File Preparation

Machine Use

Competency Quiz (Laser Cutting)

Access & Policies

Competency Quiz (3D Printing)

CNC Routing

Competency Quiz (CNC Routing)

Cold Saw

MIG Welder

Angle Grinder

Competency Quiz (Metal Shop)

File Preparation

Machine Setup

Machine Operation

Competency Quiz (Clay 3D Printing)

Vacuum Forming

Competency Quiz (Vacuum Forming)

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